Facebook Friday~ Free Timeline Cover

While in Prague, walking (and sometimes stumbling) down the cobblestone streets, I happened upon this rubber band just laying in the shape of a heart. And you know me…I had to take a picture of it!  …And make it into a cute timeline photo for facebook! Enjoy!   To make this photo your facebook timeline photo:       1. Click on the photo and a menu will come up where you choose “save image as.” (Use a two-finger click {Read More}

Facebook Friday~Free Timeline Cover

    To make this photo your facebook timeline photo:   1. Click on the photo and a menu will come up where you choose “save image as.” (Use a two-finger click on the photo on a mac and right click on the photo on a PC)   2. In the window that comes up you can rename your photo and choose where to save it (I always save to my desktop, then move it later if I want to {Read More}

“Where is God when bad things happen to good people?”

  We seem to be in a season of suffering. And we are especially sensitive today since it’s the anniversary of 9/11. It seems that bad things are happening to people all around us. Finances, divorce, drugs, death…and the list goes on and on. Just this week a friend of my daughter’s drowned at Lake Keowee trying to help another girl. So the age-old question, once again, is asked, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Is God punishing {Read More}

Free Facebook Timeline Cover~On Being Whole…

Here’s another free facebook timeline cover just for fun! I had someone like this particular photo, but it wasn’t the right dimensions for a timeline cover, so I created one. Feel free to make it your own if you like it.  Instructions are below!   To make this photo your facebook timeline photo: 1. Click on the photo and a menu will come up where you choose “save image as.” (Use a two-finger click on the photo on a mac and {Read More}

Habit vs. Addiction and the God-Sized Hole in Your Heart

  We are creatures of habit. And we LOVE our creature comforts. You know, those things that make us feel warm and fuzzy, cozy…give us a sense of well-being. Things that make us feel like everything is going to be okay. And for the most part, they’re not a problem. BUT…you knew it was coming…BUT Satan knows our weaknesses and insecurities. He knows how to use our creature comforts against us. And when those comforts become habits, we are in {Read More}

Just Northwest of the Cows~A Free Facebook Timeline Cover

  I know, I know. I’ve been AWOL for awhile! Shortly after my last post, I went to Europe…which I planned to blog through…but really had no idea how busy and tired and jet lagged and overwhelmed I would be. And yes, a little homesick too. Don’t get me wrong, it was an awesome trip. But my emotional brain was just too tired to blog my way through the trip. I’ll be sharing pics and stories though…don’t worry!  As soon {Read More}

Graffiti Summer~Homeless, But Not Hopeless (Recognized by the next generation…)

  Last year my daughter, Miranda, created a promotional video to raise awareness for the Homeless in our area, and to make people aware of a fantastic mission we have here in the Greenville, SC area for the homeless. She got much more than she bargained for. Her initial thoughts were to go in, talk to some of the administrators (who turned out to be one person, Pastor Deb), and create a video of the center itself. What she found {Read More}

The Anonymous People

  As I’ve been traveling lately, I haven’t had a chance to keep up with my posts. But I wanted to share the trailer for a new documentary coming out soon that will shed some light on addiction…hopefully giving courage to those who feel the need to remain anonymous. There is power in numbers people, and there are many recovering addicts. Unfortunately, according to statistics, there will be many more addicts (recovering or not) in the future. And if you’re {Read More}

The Experience of Addiction~Broken for Others (Graffiti Summer)

I didn’t realize it at the time, but God allowed me to be broken for others…for seven years. At least it wasn’t forty years like Moses! For fourteen years I filled prescriptions for people and while I could tell them side effects, interactions, instructions, etc., I could not understand the desperation they felt for these medications. Prescriptions for insomnia, pain, depression, and anxiety. And then of course the prescriptions to get OFF of those meds. Addiction. Desperation. I really didn’t {Read More}

Happy Birthday to my Marlee-girl~My first letter to you…

Wow Marlee…double digits! Ten…10…years old! So now it’s your turn for me to post your first letter. I posted Miranda and Trevor’s on their birthdays. I wrote Miranda’s letter when she was 3 weeks old, Trevor’s when he was almost a year old, and you—my dear third child—were almost 15 months! But you do have a letter, and just like your brother and sister, you do have a completed baby book. Many third children can’t say that! You have undoubtedly been my sweetest {Read More}

To be whole…check out the GRAFFITI on the other side of the street

How can you understand what it’s like to be homeless if you’ve always had a roof over your head? How do you know what it feels like to starve if you’ve always had food to eat? How do you know what it’s like to be thirsty if you’ve always had clean water to drink? We  take for granted the things we are used to having every day. (Tweet that )      Would you appreciate staring at your beautiful daughter more if {Read More}

Seven {Unconventional} Tips to Raising Awesome Kids

Okay. If I do say so myself, we have some awesome kids. But I think we are often judged for some of our parenting techniques. When my 16-year-old calls me to ask me if her boyfriend can come in the house even though we aren’t home yet, I think we are doing something right. When my 13-year-old son’s teacher pulls me aside to tell me that my son will make some girl a great husband someday, I wonder what he {Read More}

Happy Summer from the Vaughans :)

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Happy Memorial Day…Remember, Honor, and Keep Looking Up!