A Million Ways

My life has been so busy these last few weeks I’ve had a hard time just posting twice a week, and on Fridays it’s just a five minute post! But I can’t let mother’s day go by without a quick post for my mom. Among many other things, she’s one of my biggest fans!  I could not have made it thus far in life without her. Besides the fact that she did bring me into this world, and probably wanted {Read More}

Five-Minute Friday~”Comfort”

Comfort… Snuggling with our puppies A white goose-down comforter A fire in the fireplace A warm cup of tea on a cold day Cuddling with my kids to watch a movie Sleeping late with my hubby on a Saturday morning Reading a book in my loft watching the rain out the window A hot bubble bath But the ultimate comfort: Knowing that God sent His son to die on the cross for our sins so we can spend eternity with {Read More}

God-Sized Dreams~Pay it Forward

  I’m linking up with Holly Gerth today on the subject of Paying it Forward. Back in the year 2000 a movie titled, “Pay It Forward” opened in the box office and made a huge impact on my life. The concept of paying it forward, though not a new concept, was introduced in this movie in a way that brought new attention to it. Especially for me. Enjoy this short clip before we continue… I’m not going to spoil the {Read More}

Five-Minute Friday~ “Brave”

Five minutes: Go When I think of the word “Brave,” I think, “What does it take to be brave?” Fear. Without fear, there would be no need for bravery. So it takes fear to be brave. Courage. Without courage, it would be impossible to be brave. So it takes courage to be brave. Then there’s that verse: If God is for us, who can be against us?  That verse that we hear so often, but it’s so hard to really {Read More}

Seven Ways to Stay Passionate About Your Passion

Are you passionate about something? How did that passion arise in your heart? Is it a hobby? Is it a calling? A labor of love?    Satan loves to discourage us. To make us think our passions—our dreams—are insignificant, or downright foolish. Don’t let him have the satisfaction. Here are seven quick tips to keep your passion alive: (Click here to tweet this ) 1. Stay connected to it every day, one way or another~No matter what your passion is, I {Read More}

A letter to moms whose dreams have been shattered by addiction~Time to reclaim your dream!

  This letter is to all of those moms who are hiding, imprisoned by their addiction to prescription drugs; longing for a freedom they don’t believe is possible. Dear Friend, Being a woman is hard. I believe we have Eve to thank for that! No one tells us all of the many hats we must wear as a woman. Let’s see if I can name a few:   Friend Daughter Sister Wife Mother Housekeeper Cook Chauffer Launderer Mediator Room-mom Home accountant {Read More}

Five-Minute Friday: “Friends”

My brain explodes as I try to write for only five minutes about friends. Friends shape who you are. My very first friend I met standing in the middle of the street at 2 years old as she instructed me, “never say the word ‘damn’.” We are still best friends today. I love you Jacqueline!  My best college friend waits for me in Heaven. Oh how I wish I could turn back time, though I’m sure I couldn’t have changed {Read More}

God-Sized Dreams: Taking a little time out to play…and live a little-girl sized dream

I’m linking up with Holly Gerth at God-Sized Dreams, and when I saw today’s subject (taking a little time out to play) I knew I had to tell you about my trip! In the midst of a writer’s conference, a speaker’s conference, and a blogger’s conference I’m attending this year (yes, all three in one year…I think I’ve lost it), I’m headed to Europe for the first time in my life. My very first time out of the country. One of {Read More}

Five-Minute Friday~”Jump”

  Linking up with Lisa-Jo over at The Gypsy Mama for Five-Minute Friday. One word topic, write for five minutes, stop. Today’s word is “Jump.” Go… When I was 8 years old, I was determined to break the world record for jumping rope. I was pretty good at it, and just knew I could do it. Three hours later and days from the record, I was pooped! But I tried. I jumped.   In the days after the Boston Marathon {Read More}

God-Sized Dreams~When God says, “Come here for just a minute…”

I’m linking up with Holly Gerth at God-Sized Dreams today and this prompt really whalloped me over the head, so I decided to make it today’s prescription.   Could someone maybe have shared that little tidbit of information with me 10 years ago when I had my first grand-mal seizure?  I probably wouldn’t have listened anyway. I was too wrapped up in my own little pity party to hear what anyone else was trying to tell me…including God. When I {Read More}

Spring Break Highlights in Pictures~Pensacola, Fl

Eight Facts that will “Wow” You…The Today Show on “Pill Nation”

  On April 10, the Today Show aired a piece on prescription drugs used in the United States. Normally, the Today Show is so liberal, I don’t always agree, but they really did a great section on the “Pill Nation” we live in today. Here are some of their findings: They  pose the question: Is America overprescribed? Are we taking too many prescriptions for our own good? Over 4 billion prescriptions were written in 2011~of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. {Click {Read More}

Five-Minute Friday~”Here”

  {Now honestly, here is where I want to be}   But “Here” is somewhere for everybody. “Here”  may be: On the Peter Pan ride at Disney World In the hospital surrounded by concerned family On a soccer field being cheered on by fans Sitting at your desk at work thinking, “how is it only 8:57 Am?” Writing a Five-Minute Friday post in my pj’s with my dog snoring beside me.       I used to wish away my {Read More}

Dream God-Sized Dreams…”Dear Chihuahua of Fear…”

      I’m linking up today with Holly Gerth, author of “Dream God-Sized Dreams. Here’s the writing prompt to write this post: “Fear hangs out right next to whatever it is you’re most called to do. That means the closer you get to your calling, the louder fear sounds. Keep going–fear is a chihuahua that sounds like a Doberman.” — You’re Made for a God-sized Dream, Chapter Five It’s in letter format, and she wants us to begin with an {Read More}