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I’m linking up with Holly Gerth today on the subject of Paying it Forward. Back in the year 2000 a movie titled, “Pay It Forward” opened in the box office and made a huge impact on my life. The concept of paying it forward, though not a new concept, was introduced in this movie in a way that brought new attention to it. Especially for me.

Enjoy this short clip before we continue…

I’m not going to spoil the movie if you haven’t seen it (but if you haven’t, you really must), but hold onto your heartstrings…there will be some serious pulling going on!

I’m not sure if you noticed or not, Haley Joel Osment plays the little boy, and his character name is “Trevor, ” which also happens to be my sons name. Also, I haven’t told you that my son was 18 months old when we saw this movie, and was very sick. He’d had a fever of 103-104 for just over seven days and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with him.


His eyes were blood red, and the skin on his hands, feet, and lips peeled off in sheets. He loved his paci but gave it up because it hurt too much to have it touch his lips. It was breaking my heart. And then I had to go and watch this movie.

As much as I hate for my heartstrings to be pulled, it’s good for me, and I guess the combination of the two “Trevors” really made this movie—and it’s message—stay with me.

I’ve always tried to “pay it forward” any way I could…sponsoring children through World Vision and Compassion International, tithing and offering to my church, sponsoring a family at Christmas, etc…but what I’m doing right now may be my biggest “pay it forward” yet.

My daughter, Miranda, became friends with a guy she worked with, whose name just happened to be “Trevor.” I won’t go into all the details, but just after Christmas, he ended up basically homeless. So we let him move into the little apartment above our garage. His dreams of college had long been taken away.

So we are trying to help him reclaim his dreams…getting enrolled back in college and possibly a coop program through a local company here. It might not be his ultimate dream, but it’s a start.

Shortly after he moved in, he expressed to me how grateful he was for our help, and that he would repay us in any way that he could. My immediate response was, “Just pay it forward.”

We don’t need to be repaid. Thankfully, we are in a position in our lives right now that affords us to help others. And it’s as much a blessing to me to be able to help as it is for the person receiving it. But someday when he is in a position to help someone else who needs it, hopefully he’ll remember to just pay it forward.

There must be something about those Trevors and my heartstrings!

What are you doing to pay it forward?

Check out Holly’s blog and see how other’s are paying it forward!



  1. Cheryl Smith says

    Hi, Celeste, I found you when you linked up with Holley…right next to me. I enjoyed your post about the Trevors in your life! God is so good! I remember that movie, too…it was such a sweet reminder of how we need to continue the chain of kindness. Thank you for sharing your heart, and may God bless you and your family as you minister to the young Trevor. I trust all of his….and your….God-sized dreams come true! God’s peace be with you, Cheryl

    • CelesteVaughan says

      Thanks Cheryl! It was an awesome movie 😉 And I do hope his dreams—as he realizes them—will come true!

  2. Elizabeth Meaders says

    This is something I firmly believe in–pay it forward is a good name for it!

  3. Cathy Baker says

    Open hands always leaves room for God-sized dreams to be accomplished. God bless your open hands, Celeste!

  4. What a blessing you have been to him…and who knows what could happen simply because you chose to give? You changed his life, and probably many, many others’ lives, too. Blessings, friend…thank you for this!

  5. Nasreen Fynewever says

    Thanks for the ministry of your words. Keep on paying it forward, you are a blessing.

  6. How awesome to be able to help this young man! You are pouring out what God has poured in! Blessings.

  7. A very sweet story of paying it forward…you have offered great generosity that may rekindle this Trevor’s dreams. Inspiring!

  8. Loved that movie and love how you’re helping Trevor, Celeste! Maybe God intends you to bless the Trevors in your life?

    • CelesteVaughan says

      Thanks Susan…and I thought I was giving my Trevor such a unique name when he was born! Again…God had a different plan 😉

  9. I loved that movie, too, and thanks for reminding me of it! Your “paying it forward” to Trevor is very inspiring!

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