Just Northwest of the Cows~A Free Facebook Timeline Cover


I know, I know. I’ve been AWOL for awhile! Shortly after my last post, I went to Europe…which I planned to blog through…but really had no idea how busy and tired and jet lagged and overwhelmed I would be. And yes, a little homesick too. Don’t get me wrong, it was an awesome trip. But my emotional brain was just too tired to blog my way through the trip. I’ll be sharing pics and stories though…don’t worry! Wink


As soon I returned from Europe, I attended the She Speaks conference in Charlotte, then spent two weeks trying to get my house back in order after having to move out, have the floors refinished, and move back in…all the while getting my oldest daughter, Miranda, ready to move to college.

Isn’t her dorm room cute???

So Miranda’s off to college, Trevor started high school, and Marlee is big man on campus in the 5th grade…though little Marlee will never really be big man on any campus Wink

So this is why I’ve been AWOL. But the break has been good. I think I was getting a little burnt out spending so much time in front of this computer screen.

I thought I’d kick off the fall with a free facebook timeline cover for you from the midst of the Swiss Alps.

One of the many highlights of my trip was the day we spent in Switzerland driving over the Swiss Alps (in a 5 speed btw)  to go see the Matterhorn.

When we got over the river…


And around the bends…


And Past the flags…DREAM_SIZEIMG_7426

And over the tracks…DREAM_SIZEIMG_7492

And past the cow paths…DREAM_SIZEIMG_7228

And through the Edleweiss…DREAM_SIZE_MG_0152

And just northwest of the cows, where you could still hear the cowbells ringing in the distance…DREAM_SIZEIMG_7409

We found the sweetest little church, nestled right there in the midst of God’s creation…DREAM_SIZEIMG_7576RICH

It was magical. And inspiring. And enchanting.

So to share a little of this magic with you I’ve created for you a free facebook timeline cover complete with easy step-by-step instructions:

It helps me remember just how big God is…DREAM_SIZEIMG_7576 copyRICH

To make this photo your facebook timeline photo:

1. Click on the photo and a menu will come up where you choose “save image as.” (Use a two-finger click on the photo on a mac and right click on the photo on a PC)

2. In the window that comes up you can rename your photo and choose where to save it (I always save to my desktop, then move it later if I want to keep it.)

3. Then click save.

4. Go to your facebook page.

5. Put the cursor on your timeline photo, and you will see the option to “change cover” appear. Click on it.

6. Choose the option to “upload a photo.”

7. When you click on “upload a photo” your files will appear.

8. Choose desktop (or wherever you saved your photo) and highlight your new timeline photo, then go to the bottom of the page and click “choose.”

That’s it! The image is already the correct size for the timeline cover.

Shoot me a comment if something doesn’t work. Wink


Happy fall y’all (well almost) …I’ll be talking to you more soon!


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  1. Elizabeth B. Meaders says

    I’m glad your back blogging! I love to read your writing, comments, words, thoughts, see your photos, follow your life!

  2. Elizabeth B. Meaders says

    Oops, that should be “I’m glad you’re back blogging…..”

  3. Beautiful pics, Celeste! And yes, when you’re overseas, it’s hard to focus on too many things at once. I’m glad you opted for the better choice: being fully present THERE.

    As for breaks, I’m considering taking the entire month of August off each summer. I missed my online community, but it was great to relax and disconnect for a time.

    Glad everyone is settled and you’re back!

    • CelesteVaughan says

      Thanks Susan, It’s hard to take a break but this one took itself out of necessity. It is good to disconnect for a time…and it’s really hard to reconnect! Such a huge part of me wants to bail, but I know God has different plans. Keep me in line Susan! 🙂

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