“Unstoppable” by Kirk Cameron {…and a Facebook Friday Timeline Cover}

Last month I wrote a post titled, “Where is God When Bad Things Happen to Good People?” and gave my thoughts on that age-old question. Tonight we saw Kirk Cameron’s new documentary, “Unstoppable” in which he goes in his own journey after losing a young friend to cancer to answer that same question. While many of our conclusions were similar, one of his insights just…well…knocked me right upside the head. 

We know the Bible contains story after story of bad things happening to good people and we see how God uses them for His kingdom. But there’s one story I never thought of…and it’s the most obvious and answers the question better than I ever could.

What is the single worst event that happened in the Bible? And who did it happen to? 

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The brutal beating, tearing of his skin, nailing of his hands and feet to the cross, and the waiting…and finally his death. And all of that happened to the only sinless human being this world has ever seen. And why did all of those bad things happen to the best person? 

To save the world. 



To make this photo your facebook timeline photo:


1. Click on the photo and a menu will come up where you choose “save image as.” (Use a two-finger click on the photo on a mac and right click on the photo on a PC)


2. In the window that comes up you can rename your photo and choose where to save it (I always save to my desktop, then move it later if I want to keep it.)


3. Then click save.


4. Go to your facebook page.


5. Put the cursor on your timeline photo, and you will see the option to “change cover” appear. Click on it.


6. Choose the option to “upload a photo.”


7. When you click on “upload a photo” your files will appear.


 8. Choose desktop (or wherever you saved your photo) and highlight your new timeline photo, then go to the bottom of the page and click “choose.”

That’s it! The image is already the correct size for the timeline cover.

Shoot me a comment if something doesn’t work. Wink



  1. Just downloaded your “God is Unstoppable” banner for my fb wall. Wanted to say ThAnKs!

  2. This is a great idea, Celeste — Facebook Friday. I love the quote!

    • CelesteVaughan says

      Thanks Susan, I thought I’d put a little of my photography to work…people are always asking me to resize or “fix” a picture for their facebook timeline photo so I thought, “why not make some of my own?” Hoping it might draw a little traffic too 😉 But I have GOT to start doing more writing. Work, life, it never stops. My oldest wants me to come up to her college to help her with her New Testament term paper. Wasn’t that supposed to end when they actually leave for college??? :/

      Thanks for stopping by Susan! I’m trying to have time to use my feedly more too…so hopefully you’ll see me around the web more 😉

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  5. – Absolutely! Guess whose senior pictures Im taking tonight. Jessica from Montgomery. You may not have met her yet. She’s a Starlet too and was a model for Celeste Photo Art in the first model shoot. She’s the cute little blond in model shoot one. There’s a blog post on her too. I can’t wait until the Homecoming Shoot so you can all meet each other…C

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