The Honesty of a Child…{My Marlee-girl}



When Marlee was in kindergarten at Mauldin First Baptist, her teacher had to test each of the children at the end of the year on their alphabet. Mrs. Alli called out the letters in no particular order for Marlee to name each letter…



When Alli and I had a conference at the end of school, she informed me that Marlee had received 100% on her alphabet, but she’d had to alter the rules for one particular letter.

When Mrs. Alli asked Marlee what the “t” was, Marlee enthusiastically answered, “That’s Jesus’s cross!”

Alli said there was no question in her mind…Marlee got it exactly right. Wink

That made me one happy and proud mama!



Nothing like the honesty from the mouth of a child…











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  1. That one brought tears to my eyes, yes “t”ears that begins with Jesus’ cross!!!

  2. YAY, Marlee!! And YAY, mama 🙂

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