Join Me Today at “Inspire-a-Fire” to read A Letter to my Enemy

Join me today over at Inspire a Fire to read “A Letter to My Enemy” if you haven’t read it before.


Satan has so many tools at his disposal, and he is so sneaky in the way he uses them.

Don’t fall into the trap of prescription drug addiction like I did. Sure, I had grand-mal-siezures, broken bones, surgery…plenty of good reasons to need narcotics (Lortab) for pain. But even as a pharmacist, I didn’t realize the physical effect they have on the brain. The brain is physically changed…changed in such a way that is difficult to recover from. Since your brain controls every single part of your body and mind, your state of mind is altered. Addiction can literally transform you into a person you will not like very much. 

Only the grace of God can truly heal you completely. Physically and emotionally. (Click here to tweet!)

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