Baby Jesus and the manager

Jesus and the Manager
Don’t you just hate typos? Or the auto-correct on your phone? At least on the computer you can use the backspace button. But what about when you get something printed and then find the typo? I know someone who sent Christmas cards with the intention of printing “Baby Jesus and the manger,” but instead printed, “Baby Jesus and the manager.” Wonder how many people noticed? That typo got me to thinking…
How often do we notice that we actually do try to “manage” Jesus? We try to manage Jesus just like we manage our bank account. When we need money, we go to the bank and make a withdrawal. When we need Jesus, we pray and read our Bible. When we don’t need money, we don’t even think about our bank account. When we don’t think we need Jesus, we keep him neatly tucked away in a box, just like our checkbook.
God didn’t send his son to be born to save the world for us to keep him tucked away to use when we need him. God announced Jesus’s birth to the world with a brilliant star for all to see. The world watched as he grew from a baby into a man, only to be brutally crucified on a cross to bear the burden of sin for all mankind. God gave his son as a gift, not something that must be worked for, paid for, or managed.
Accept the gift that God gave and let Jesus be Jesus. We need to quit making withdrawals only when we need him and deposits when we think we might need him. I’m here to tell you we do need him. Always. Just when life is going hunky dory, your life can change in an instant. Believe me, I know first hand. So remember, it’s not Jesus and the manager, but Jesus and the manger.
This year, when it’s time for the Christmas decorations to be put away, don’t put baby Jesus back in the box with the nativity scene. Put Him in your kitchen window sill, nightstand, or wherever you will see Him and celebrate the freedom we have in the gift of Jesus every day!
From my heart,