“Hold on God, I’ll be there in a minute!”

Whenever I yell through the house to the kids, their first response is “Hold on.”

It doesn’t matter why I’m calling them—to come down for supper, finish a chore, or eat a hot fudge sunday, the response is still the same.  “Hold ooonnnnn!”

As a parent, it drives me crazy. When I call them, I want and expect them to come.

As children of God, how often do we put him on hold?

  • God, let me just get through these e-mails first, then I can do my devotion.
  • God, if you will just let me get this car paid off, then I will give more to you.
  • God I know you want me to be more involved at church, but I’m so busy with work right now. I’ll have more time for you when tax season ends.
“God doesn’t give us children to make us 
better parents, he gives us children 
to make us better children.” ~Betsy Kenney
The world will do everything possible to keep Jesus out of sight and out of mind. We much intentionally make Jesus a part of every day. In a recent sermon at Brookwood Church, Mike Hepola listed five things necessary to get to Jesus:
  • Identify the roadblocks that keep you from Jesus. Like fear of criticism? Time? 
  • Get rid of  excuses.
  • Don’t hide your pain. God is strongest when we are weak. 
  • Express faith and experience the miracle of forgiveness~as far as the east is from the west.
  • Live in a way that represents a changed life. A changed life is contagious. 
Don’t settle for a life that is void of Jesus.

The Lord will carry out his sentence upon the earth fully and without delay. 

You never know when the next day will be your last.
From my heart,