Just to make you smile

Taking a small prescription break today…maybe I’ll start Funny Fridays? Gotta lighten things up every once in awhile! 

Here’s your Funny Friday story for today…

All of my kids love for me and David to tell them funny things that happened while we were growing up. They LOVE to hear the funny–and stupid–things we did. Oh how I wish I remembered them all! 

So my kids will have stories to tell their kids, I keep a journal for each of them full of stories of the funny things they do or say.

Last week I was sitting on the front porch of my mother-in-law’s house with her and Marlee and was reminded…

When Miranda (my oldest) was three, she absolutely loved to play with dinosaurs. She could literally sit for an hour or two in her own little world engaging in riveting conversation with her dinosaurs! Well, fourteen years ago, Miranda and I were sitting on that same front porch watching a storm roll in; thunder and lightning roaring and crackling in the distance. 

“Mommy, what happens if you get struck by lightning?”

“Well, it would definitely hurt you if it doesn’t kill you.”

“Would it be a painful way to die?”

“I’m not sure. I think it would happen so fast you might not realize it.”

After letting these morbid thoughts sink into her oh-so-innocent three year old brain, she continued, “How do you think we’ll die?”

“I don’t know. If I had to choose, I would hope that we would not die, but all go together in the rapture.” 

No pause from Miranda, she just looked up at me with her big blue eyes open wide and said…

“The veloci-rapture?”

From my heart,