The Migraine Miracle You’d Never Believe

Okay I’ll admit it, I’ve been slack keeping up with this blog. I had a few guest bloggers, but I didn’t feel like their content was always relative and it was starting to feel like someone else’s blog. Life has happened big time.

College graduation, engagement, daughter’s wedding, a son graduating and starting at Clemson, a middle schooler entering high school, and the biggest…I became and grandmother (La~la as I prefer. I’m not old enough to be “Grand” anything). I kept thinking I’d post about all of the events and share some pictures, but life just came too fast. If you follow me on Facebook though, I’m SURE you already know.

I honestly can’t promise how often I’ll get back to the blog, but since my blog was elected one of the top 25 migraine blogs of 2018, I though I’d better let you know about my newfound MIGRAINE MIRACLE!

If you know my story you know I had seizures for seven years (then God stepped in and knocked them right out of my life…or my head…however you want to look at it.) Migraines, however, I’ve fought since my first pregnancy.

I’ve been seeing a physician here in Greenville, SC who’s been treating the arthritis in my spine created from all of the falls I had when I was having seizures. He mentioned the injections in my neck may help with my migraines.

The next sentence he muttered softly while typing my chart was monumental. And weird. But I’m always up for trying something new as long as its safe.

There’s an over the counter cream for arthritis called “Zostrix-HP” cream. The generic,  capsaicin .075% cream (which is basically hot pepper cream), may have changed my life. Hopefully I’m not ahead of myself here, but I’ve been amazed. With the hot and humid true-to-South-Carolina weather we’ve had, I’ve been waking up with migraines daily (and who has time for that when there’s a new grandchild around ?!?!?)

The doctor told me to rub the capsaicin cream on the back of my neck and my shoulders before bed each night (and be sure to wash your hands thoroughly so you don’t do something stupid and rub your eyes with hot pepper…not that I learned the hard way or anything).

I’ve been using this cream now for three weeks, and NO MIGRAINES! In 2010 I had a God-given miracle which had absolutely no explanation except a miracle. Now, in this case, it’s a God-given scientific miracle. In case you’re interested in the “sciency” stuff, the capsaicin cream draws “substance-P” from your brain. Substance-P helps transport the chemicals to the brain’s pain receptors which leads to a headache. Less substance-P, less headache.

God either gave someone the idea to try this or it was an oops, but either way I’m thankful.

So there’s your migraine tip for today: Rub capsaicin 0.75% cream on your neck and shoulders, wash your hands, and see if it helps your migraine as much as mine. (Click here to tweet)

I pray that it does!

So there’s your migraine tip for today: Rub capsaicin 0.75% cream on your neck and shoulders, wash your hands, and see if it helps your migraine as much as it has mine.







PS…If you try it and it helps, please leave me a comment below :o)


















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