How to Identify an Unknown Pill: Tutorial

A few posts ago I did a tutorial on drug interactions. As I said then, it’s so important for us, as patients, to take responsibility for our own health and educate ourselves so we are not so dependent on others. 

With the availability of the internet and some direction on which sites are reputable, there is TONS of FREE education right here at our fingertips. As I love to say, my go-to’s are God and Google. (Care to tweet that?)

Today, I’ve created a quick tutorial using to show you how to identify an unknown pill. (You can tweet that too Wink)

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Here ya go…hope it’s helpful! 



  1. I totally agree with you….that we should be responsible for our own health and educate ourselves to the best of our ability. Thank you so much for this invaluable resource!


  1. imbd says:


    This blog is extremely instructional….

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