The Best Aluminum-free Deodorant Ever~Works Great and it’s Cheap!



When I met my friend Betsy on a school field trip with our kids, I knew I’d met someone intriguing that I wanted to befriend, and she completely dismissed me, thinking I was just being nice. What intrigued me about her was her view on eating and using only organic products. The minute she heard I was a pharmacist, she assumed I was only interested in the synthetic world of drugs and wrote me off immediately.

After a few months of persistent pestering about her way of living, she apparently decided I wasn’t going away. Fifteen years later we are still the best of friends. And we’ve been there to see each other through bunches of  stuff.

Well, a few weeks ago I went for my annual mammogram and got the dreaded phone call a few days later. (They tell you when you get the test done they will send you a note in the mail if there is nothing wrong, or you will get a phone call if there is.) The minute the nurse identified herself my heart fell to the pit of my stomach.

“Mrs. Vaughan? Your mammogram showed some abnormal tissue on both sides and we need for you to come in for another mammogram and an ultrasound. There is really nothing to worry about. We just want to be sure.”

Nothing to worry about! Thanks. No I won’t think about it at all until I have the test next week. 

I pretty much jumped in both feet forward preparing for the worst….while still hoping for the best. I remembered I’d heard that the aluminum in antiperspirant/deodorant combinations has been linked to breast cancer. (Have you ever read the ingredients in your typical brand antiperspirant/deodorant? Tons of chemicals and virtually impossible to pronounce.) I learned this a few years ago and tried to make the switch to a deodorant.

I think I tried every one in Whole Foods and Earth Fare, but they all left me feeling, “sticky.” Betsy was a few years ahead of me in this revelation, and she had given me a sample of her home made deodorant. I’ll admit I didn’t use it right away, and when I did, I didn’t give it a proper chance. (I’d use my standby killer antiperspirant over it.) Now, with one abnormal mammogram under my belt, I decided to give it another shot. So I called her for the recipe and voila! It was awesome.

I made you a recipe card  for your convenience below…just click on the recipe below, save to your computer and print.  Wink Might be fun to whip up for your girlfriends and put in cute little jars with the recipe attached on the outside…just make sure they are your close girlfriends so they don’t think you’re dropping a hint that they stink!


Click here to download recipe pdf

It really couldn’t be easier to make, and the best part is…it actually works!

The good news is my second mammogram and ultrasound turned out fine. The better news is I’m now using an aluminum free, natural deodorant that will decrease my chance of ever having an abnormal mammogram again.

Here’s to a healthier, less sticky, and less stinky new year!









P.S. I forgot to add one little warning…if used immediately after shaving, it will burn. I usually shave at night and then apply it in the morning. By then it’s fine.

P.P.S. It also works great to use during the summer for foot odor…just rub it on your feet in the morning before you put your socks on Wink