The Therapeutic Value of Spending Time in Nature

The Therapeutic Value of Spending Time in Nature By Steven Sanders As a reader of Celestial Prescriptions, you are likely already aware of the benefits of spending time in nature. Author and journalist Richard Louv has developed the notion that our society suffers from what he calls “nature deficit disorder,” due to the lack of time we spend out in nature. Without much delving in to this idea, you probably see this in your own life, and in the lives {Read More}

Switching to an Organic Lifestyle~Guest Post by Sophia Smith

Switching to an Organic Lifestyle   Research has shown that an organic lifestyle brings you many more benefits than the conventional one. The word ‘organic’ is usually associated with food, but you can make your life more organic in many other ways, not just by eating foods that are pesticide-free. ‘Organic’, in this context, can be replaced with the word ‘healthy’. While it may seem overwhelming to switch to a completely different regime of living from the one you’ve known {Read More}

Super Green Beauty from Nature~Guest Post by Sophia Smith

Super Green Beauty From Nature image source: “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” ― John Muir Spring is here, and together with Mother Nature, our bodies are waking up ready to soak in the sun and restore vitality and sheen lost during winter. For a clean and energetic start of another cycle of seasons, turn to raw foods and organic products, introduce natural elements into your home and spend more time outdoors. Each of {Read More}

The Best Aluminum-free Deodorant Ever~Works Great and it’s Cheap!

  When I met my friend Betsy on a school field trip with our kids, I knew I’d met someone intriguing that I wanted to befriend, and she completely dismissed me, thinking I was just being nice. What intrigued me about her was her view on eating and using only organic products. The minute she heard I was a pharmacist, she assumed I was only interested in the synthetic world of drugs and wrote me off immediately. After a few {Read More}