God-Sized Dreams: Taking a little time out to play…and live a little-girl sized dream

I’m linking up with Holly Gerth at God-Sized Dreams, and when I saw today’s subject (taking a little time out to play) I knew I had to tell you about my trip!

In the midst of a writer’s conference, a speaker’s conference, and a blogger’s conference I’m attending this year (yes, all three in one year…I think I’ve lost it), I’m headed to Europe for the first time in my life. My very first time out of the country. One of my closest friends, Betsy, is a missionary in Prague, Czech Republic. I’ve wanted to go visit since she left in September 2010 (the same month as my miracle, btw), and I’m finally going. Had to actually get a passport for the first time and everything!

Disney - Magic Kingdom (Explored)

In addition to sightseeing in Prague, Austria and Switzerland,  we will be visiting parts of Germany, including the Neuschwanstein Castle—the castle that inspired Cinderella’s castle in Disney World.  

I’ll never forget my first trip to Disney World and seeing that castle for the first time at nine years old. It really was magical! I desperately wanted to see inside, but it wasn’t allowed at the time. It could only be a dream, not a reality. 

But now, 34 years later, that dream is becoming a realityand so much bigger of a reality than I every could have dreamed on my own. Sure, I could imagine I would get to see inside the Cinderella castle in Disney World someday…now all you have to do is schedule a character breakfast with Cinderella. But to actually see the real Cinderella castle? That’s a God-Sized dream.

The only reason I’m getting to go to Germany is because if Betsy and Bob’s obedience to enter the mission field…and the only reason I’m getting to visit the original Cinderella’s castle. They have God-Sized obedience. 

Now, in the midst of working on my God-Sized Dream of writing a book and becoming a speaker, God is fulfilling a childhood dream in a God-Sized way!

Here’s the real Cinderella castle—the Neuschwanstein Castle—in Fussen, Germany. Don’t worry, I’ll post pictures when I go so you can enjoy it too! Wink

Neuschwanstein, Bavaria