It’s time for…

A time to go back to school shopping, and a time to get my child enrolled into a school he was just accepted to Friday.

A time to wash and pack, and a time to go out of town for my 22nd anniversary. Yay!

A time to get up really early to help out a friend, and a time to come home and take a nap (I wish) so I have enough energy for the evening. 

A time to have another car accident (not my fault thank goodness…this time), and a time to deal with insurance and the body shop to get an estimate that everyone can agree on. 

A time to take tons of photos of gymnasts, take too much time editing, and a time to post them so hopefully someone will be interested in buying one or two. 

A time to celebrate my birthday with sweet friends, and a time to read “The Help” just to finish it 10 minutes before the movie started. 

So I think you get the idea. This small season of my life has been very busy with lots of matters  under heaven. Good stuff, busy stuff, bad stuff…but all God stuff. I can honestly look at every one of the “matters” of my last week and see God’s hand in them all. Yes, even the car accident! Feel free to leave a comment and ask me if your curious…

I’ll just say this overall. When you make God an every day, all day part of your life…when you have conversations with him throughout your day and you get him involved, he will be there for all of those little crazy moments. REALLY! He wants to be there, you just have to invite him. Once you bring him in to all of those little moments throughout your day, you’ll wonder what you ever did without him, and you’ll never want him to leave. 

Now you know where my time has been the last week, and will continue to be for the next week (as I will be out of town). So to the masses who will be biting their nails anxiously awaiting my next post (LOL), it will be about another week. For those who do follow, THANK YOU, and I’ll see you in a week as well! 

Blessings to you as you get all of those kiddos of to school this week! 

From my heart,


  1. Right now, mine would read a time to edit…a time to blog…a time to get dinner ready…and check off running on my exercise log. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder to keep God in the center of all situations…I needed to hear that today before I tackle my to-do list.

  2. Just write “God” on your to do list every day, and each time you check it, you’ll remember to take God with you on that task! It sounds silly to have to write down a reminder, but time and distractions are two of Satan’s biggest tools. Writing down that little reminder helps get started until before long, we no longer need reminding. God becomes a great habit!

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