Random things about me…

I talk really fast, even though I’m from the south. My mouth often gets ahead of my brain. When I write, my brain usually has time to catch up.


I think I would do well living in Alaska when it’s dark the majority of the day. My energy doesn’t kick in until night time. Maybe I’m part vampire! Undecided If I could make my own schedule, I’d go to bed at 2 a.m. and wake up around 10 every morning.


I share my home with one hubby, one 19-year-old daughter, one 14-year-old son, one 9-year-old daughter, two great danes, one shih-tzu/lhasa mix (whom we loving refer to as our lots-a-shit) , two cats, and one fish. Otherwise known as the Simpsonville Zoo.


I have and incredible—and incredibly crazy—family. There’s never a dull moment in the Vaughan household. Click here for an example. 


I’m a fixer. No matter what the problem, whether it’s in my area of expertise or not, I’m compelled to help solve it. It’s difficult for me to come to grips with the fact that I can’t solve every problem!


I’m a salesman’s greatest friend. I think I have “sucker’ written on my forehead. I’ll buy just about anything, and will usually pay much more than it’s worth.


My husband is the businessman in our house. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t charge anyone for anything. We’d be completely broke. Always.


I’m a granola wanna-be. I’d love to be a spandex-wearing-marathon-running-vegetarian-minimalist. Okay so I’m running—usually in spandex—but the whole package is a long way away.


I’m totally a science nerd. The human body—especially the brain—has always fascinated me, so I always knew I’d be in a health profession. I chose pharmacy because I thought it would be a great profession, but if I decided to go to medical school, it’d be the perfect background. I decided on marriage rather than medical school, so a pharmacist I became.


I’ve always hated public speaking. I took the required class at Greenville Tech instead of USC because I knew I’d only have like ten people in my class. Pharmacy was the perfect profession…I got to hide behind a huge counter and people came to me. Now I find it very ironic that God has placed me in the position to “market” myself. He definitely has a sense of humor!


Organized religion, while necessary, tends to cause us “Bible Belt Southerners” to look (and sometimes be) judgmental and condemning. Religion taught me about Jesus, but religion is not Jesus. Jesus us about relationship, love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness. If whatever religious denomination you ascribe to does not teach that Jesus, then it’s not for me. The word “Christian” was originated by a group of people from the outside referring to a group of Jesus-followers. Kind of like the athletes at a school referring to the computer club as “geeks.” While I will always be referred to as a Christian, per our culture, I prefer Jesus-lover.


I will ever be fascinated by airplanes—hunks of metal that can actually fly. And computers…which used to be the size of a house can now be held in one hand.


I’m convinced that Satan attacks me every Sunday morning because every Sunday is a bad hair day! I took away his power when I realized that I don’t notice what anyone else’s hair looks like, so I figure they don’t notice mine either!


David and I always use those sappy, endearing terms when we talk to each other like “honey” or “baby.” We always have. When we actually use each other’s real names, you know somebody is either really upset or really serious!


I love to watch TV, and whoever invented this whole Netflix thing is trying to do me in! You can watch back to back episodes…seasons…without any commercials! It’s taking much willpower I don’t possess to resist watching and watching and watching…


I hate to cook. I really wish I loved it. I might help if I had a family that liked to eat, but my family consists of the pickiest bunch of eaters I’ve ever known. My hubby loves to joke and say when I yell “time for dinner” the kids run jump in the car! Undecided

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